Featured Student

STUDENT OF THE MONTH – November 2018

In less than three years, Sophie Shih has completed five grades of the London-based ABRSM exams with flying colors. It normally takes twice as long.

“She is very gifted and passionate about piano. At the young age of nine, her sight-reading is that of a grade 8 or even higher,” her teacher Ms Desislava Nacheva says proudly, adding that Sophie enjoys playing a “lot of additional pieces” outside the exams.

Sophie won Distinction in last Summer’s ABRSM exam with a Sight-Reading score of 19 and a total of 138 marks. She came second in the TMC Annual Sight-Reading competition, winning a cash prize of 500 dirhams.

She drew inspiration from her mother who noticed her talent, starting piano when she was six. Her favorite composer is Mozart, Sophie says with confidence and she is now enjoying playing Sonatina op. 36 no. 3.

She is happy to have Ms Desi guide her through her lessons. “She is a wonderful teacher, and I enjoy her class very much. She always demands more details (but) this makes the pieces sound much better,” she says.

Sophie hasn’t made up her mind about her future career, but she knows she would always love playing the piano and perhaps become a professional pianist one day.

She also enjoys reading, swimming and drawing.