Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal
Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal
Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal
Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal

Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal

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Nux Tape Core Deluxe Echo Effects Pedal

The Tape Core Deluxe Pedal is a tribute to the legendary Tape Echo tone known for its incredible and crystal clear ambience.

This pedal is a contemporary stompbox pedal to give you a classic tape echo tone. It features different variations and combination of delay sounds. Designed with cutting-edge technology, hear a natural sound, decay and modulation that the pedal provides.

Just like the original Tape Echo, the NUX Tape Core features 3 reproduction heads yielding 7 different combinations of delay sounds. All of the natural sound, decay, modulation was created with cutting-edge NUX TS/AC Technology! 

  • 7 delay combinations from 3 repro heads
  • Tap Tempo function activated by a long press of the footswitch
  • Relay bypass provides quieter switching
  • NUX original TSAC Technology
  • 32bit DSP, high-performance 24bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter

Infinite Feedback Feature
The maximum parameters of the REPEAT knob can be used to recreate the classic Infinite Feedback Oscillation effect that was, until now, only available on the physical machine. This trippy sci-fi effect, made popular by artists like Pink Floyd and The Steve Miller Band, allows for super-cool song intros, interludes, and endings.

True Bypass / Buffered Tail
Bypass / T-Lock

Tape Core Deluxe comes with a 3-way toggle-switch allowing you to change between 2 Bypass modes and NUX’s unique Tone Lock (T-Lock) function.

T-LOCK MODE:  A physical dead-man switch designed to protect your parameter tweaks during your performance.

NORMAL MODE:  True Bypass which bypasses the effects circuit.

TAIL MODE:   Buffered Tail Bypass which maintains the effect of the last notes played.

Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- Tape Core Deluxe

Input Impedance:- 1 MOhm

Draw Consumption:- 103mA

Power Requirement:- 9v DC Centre Negative, or 9V Battery (Not Included)

Dimensions:- 12.2cm x 7.2cm x 4.7cm

Weight:- 270g