NUX PDI-1G Guitar Direct Box

NUX PDI-1G Guitar Direct Box

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PDI1G is an active DI Box to help to convert high-impedance signal to mic level, for running through a microphone input on your mixer. With the speaker cabinet simulation function, you can plug your guitar or bass directly to the mixer thru PDI-1G.

It also has a Parallel output that allows you to split the output to run into an amp or other source. Compact in size, it is a must for recording and live performance!

This is an active DI box, so it requires +48V phantom power or 9VDC to run. (power supply not included)


  • Guitar Direct Box
  • Hi-Z Input for Guitar and Bass
  • Power Supplied by 48V Phantom Power or AC Adaptor
  • Direct Connection to Speaker Outputs
  • Ground Lift Switch Eliminates Typical Ground Loop Problems
  • Speaker Cabinet Simulation Supported