Kun Bravo Violin Shoulder rest 4/4 Collapsible 800C

Kun Bravo Violin Shoulder rest 4/4 Collapsible 800C

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Kun developed the Bravo shoulder rest to meet customer demand for a wooden rest from Kun. As always, quality, ergonomics and innovation were our starting points.

The Bravo’s base is made from bent hardwood laminates oriented to provide the precise combination of strength and flexibility a shoulder rest requires. These bases are hand-made in Italy from European curly maple to reflect the back of a fine violin.

The Bravo’s metal adjusting mechanisms enhance the elegance of this outstanding product. The feet of the Bravo also incorporate Kun’s patented locking device to limit rotation,

The highest quality sponge rubber, representing the latest in polymer technology ensures that the padding offers extra grip, greater comfort and maximum durability.

4/4 violin