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The famous Japanese company Ibanez is primarily known and popular among musicians for its electric and bass guitars, however, Ibanez produces a series of amplifiers designed for acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitar combo IBANEZ T15-Uliterally born at the same moment, it becomes one of the best sellers, just like all guitar amplifiers for acoustic guitars ACOUSTIC AMPLIFIER. The guitar amplifier is presented in a very famous and popular series of acoustic amplifiers Troubadour (TROUBADUR). The uniqueness of the model of the IBANEZ T15 TROUBADOUR guitar amplifier lies in the fact that the presented acoustic combo allows very high-quality amplification of the sound of electro-acoustic guitars with a pickup, transmitting the sound of these types of musical instruments very clearly and efficiently.  
The active acoustic combo amplifier IBANEZ T15 TROUBADUR in its specification is designed specifically for high-quality amplification of the sound of electro-acoustic instruments and it should be noted that many professional musicians prefer this type of compact ones in their choice. All this has become possible due to the functionality and especially high-quality transmission of the sound of an acoustic instrument. In addition, the IBANEZ T15 acoustic amplifier has rather small, compact dimensions and a specialized foot stand, using which musicians can change the angle of inclination of the combo amplifier for better and better dispersion of the audio signal in a musical audience. 

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Design IBANEZ T15-U TROUBADOUR

The presented TUBADUR T15 combo amplifier is released in the specification for use with electro-acoustic guitars. The power of this amplifier in nominal terms is 15 watts, all the amplifier electronics is based on a transistor, analog circuit. The number of amplifier channels is represented by one sound channel; the amplifier case (acoustic cabinet) has a closed type. A single speaker is installed in the combo amplifier, the dimensions of which are 6.5 "(inches). The external protection of the combo speaker is represented by a soundproof material having the appearance of a vintage yellow tweed coating, as on old Fender amplifiers. The combo amplifier is equipped with a special metal foot-stand, which allows convenient adjust the angle of the incline. The transport handle on the top of the acoustic cabinet, it is made of metal,

Features of the IBANEZ T15-U combo specification

All control knobs of the settings block are made of high-quality polyurethane material in black. All knobs have a smooth, even stroke, the specification of the knobs represents functional controls, including the SPEED knob, which adjusts the speed of the built-in CHORUS effect, the MIDDLE SHAPE knob, which adjusts the mid-frequency spectrum of the sound, the HUE knob, which adjusts the tonal range of the bass and treble and a standard VOLUME knob for adjusting the overall, output volume level of the amplifier. The chorus effect function switch is CHORUS ONOFF and the on / off button. Power OnOffs are located on the outside and side of the speaker cabinet. The GUITAR INPUT instrument input is located on the external panel of the control unit; it has an input for a standard 1/4 Jack (mono) jack. In addition, the amplifier has an input for an external sound source, it is a CDAUX IN input on two RCA connectors (x 2, stereo mode), the amplifier is also optionally equipped with an output for headphones, this is the Phones Out (1/4 Jack) connector located on the rear cabinet panels. Power indicator combo LED red. 

Possibilities of operation and scope of the acoustic guitar amplifier IBANEZ T15-U

The compact amplifier of the IBANEZ T15 electro-acoustic guitar can be comfortably used in almost any direction and musical field, since the functionality and functions of the amplifier are practically unlimited for practical use. Since guitarists and musicians can use the guitar amplifier for practical and homework, guitarists can always take this amplifier with them and use it for small concert performances in clubs or on the street. If you are working with recording an acoustic guitar, then you can shoot the sound of an acoustic instrument with external studio microphones, while obtaining a sufficiently high-quality and clear sound of an acoustic guitar. The amplifier is designed for its frequent use and transportation. 

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Specifications IBANEZ T15-U TROUBADOUR ACOUSTIC AMPLIFIER

Type of device: combo.
Operation specification: electro-acoustic guitar.
Series: Troubadour (troubadour) series.
Amplifier Power (Rated): 15 Watts.
Type of electronics: analog, transistor circuit.
Number of sound channels: one channel.
Type of acoustic cabinet: closed type.
Number of speakers: one speaker.
Speaker specification: 6.5 "(inches).
Speaker protection: external protection, soundproof material, stylized tweed coating in yellow. 
Stand: yes, adjusts the level of the amplifier.
Handle for transportation: yes, metal, rubberized.
Built-in effects: analog chorus.
Controls and settings:
- Elements of the processing unit: switch - Chorus OnOff, SPEED - knob for setting the speed of the effect;
- Middle Shape knob: settings for the mid-frequency spectrum of sound;
- Hue knob: adjust the timbre between low and high frequencies;
- Volume knob: General setting for the output volume level. 
Amplifier Switching: 
- Instrumental input: Guitar Input connector (14 Jack, mono);
- Input for an external sound source: CD Aux In (2 x RCA, stereo);  
- Headphone output: optional Phones Out (14 Jack) rear panel.
On / off button Power OnOff: rear panel of the amplifier.
Power indicator: LED, red.
Amplifier color: black (Black).amp
Front color: yellow.
Overall dimensions of the amplifier: 205 mm. x 195 mm. x 258 mm.
Amplifier weight: 3.4 kg.