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PIRASTRO swirl wax
Pirastro vortex wax consists mainly of graphite and wax.

It is used to care for the vertebrae and helps the vertebrae to run well.

It is helpful to always treat vertebrae for vertebrae with the wax, if possible do not remove all vertebrae at the same time, otherwise the missing vocal cord could cause the vocal tract to fall over. In addition, it may not be easy to find the exact bridge position.

Before you apply the Pirastro vortex wax,

please clean the vortex from all residues.
This is most easily done with alcohol. Please do this at a sufficient distance to your instrument, because it must under no circumstances alcohol on the varnish of your instrument. He would dissolve the paint in no time!
Apply the vortex wax only very sparingly and turn the vortex several times in its hole.
If the peg hole does not appear evenly on the peg, or if you feel that the peg is not round, but yelps, the cone of the peg does not match that of the peg hole or either is not round. In both cases, the vortex must urgently be adapted by the master violin-maker.


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