NUX PA-50 Personal Monitor Personal Monitor



NUX PA-50 Personal Monitoring Amplifier for Electric Guitar Players

PA-50 is a multi-purpose 50 watt, 2 channels amplifier with 6.5-inch very sensitive woofer and 1-inch tweeter.

Channel 1 – 1/4 unbalanced input, designed to plug any instrument directly including acoustic guitar, digital piano and keyboard, and electronic drums.
Channel 2 – combo 1/4 unbalanced and XLR balanced input and designed to plug everything including the microphones.

Full Range, Flat Response (FRFR)

NUX PA-50 personal monitoring amplifier has a flat frequency response and is equipped with a full range dynamic speaker and the input of each channel has independent EQ curve.

Channel 1 is improved for dynamic sound and designed to enhance LOW and HIGH frequencies.

Channel 2 is totally FLAT with a great accuracy and designed for direct compatibility for an IR loader such as NUX Solid Studio. And you can take the advantage of using the sound (profile) of any guitar amplifiers everywhere.

And use the 3-band EQ and you can fine-tune your output to get a perfect result.




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