Featured Teacher

Ms. Nadezhda Ignatova – Classical Guitar

Ms. Nadezhda Ignatova joined the Music Chamber in February 2012 as the first female guitar teacher in the academy’s history. Now she is one of the most popular teachers among our international team teaching her students classical guitar, Flamenco, Jazz and Rock.

She has taken advanced studies in Classical guitar from the Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Bulgaria.

Her most enjoyable moment is when her students play flawlessly their favorite pieces on stage. “I love it when the fruits of our hard work pay off with a brilliant performance in front of the parents and fans,” Ms Nadezhda says.

Ms. Nadezhda found the calling for music when she was a little girl listening to masterpieces by her favorite composer, Bach. But she also enjoys works by Flamenco giants such as Paco Pena and Paco de Lucia.

She likes reading scientific books and watching movies. She also loves swimming.