Featured Teacher

Ms. Manshuk Mussabayeva – Piano

The Music Chamber is delighted to introduce our new Piano Teacher Ms Manshuk Mussabayeva, the latest member to join our international academic team.

Ms Manshuk started learning Piano at an early age for a special school for gifted kids and obtained her Masters Degree as a Piano Performer and Teacher from the Kazakh National University of Arts. She stood out among scores of candidates for the challenging position as a qualified trainer with broad international experience – both as a teacher and concert master in her home country and abroad.

“My biggest reward is when a student leaves the lesson with a big smile on his or her face,” she said. “All my lessons must be conducted in an atmosphere of positive thinking that a piece can be perfected no matter what the challenges are… I want all my students to feel proud and at the same time happy about their achievements.”

During the vetting process for the right candidate, Ms Manshuk has shared few videos that prove her dexterity, rich experience and sensitive expressions that reflect a deep understanding of her instrument and the refined musicality of the pieces played.

After her graduation in 2015, Ms Manshuk has taught Piano both privately and at the National Academy of Choreography and attended a host of seminars on teaching music. She also took part in several concerts as a soloist with the national symphonic orchestra.

Her favorite composers are Rachmaninov, Skryabin ,Liszt, Chopin and Gershwin.

Ms Manshuk loves skating, swimming and reading.