Introductory Courses

Students as early as five can start lessons on piano, violin and percussions. Younger talents are also welcome to start their musical journey with the Music Chamber. Other instruments such as cello, guitar and wind instruments come at a later age. However, music is for all and it is never too late to be inspired.

Students are properly introduced to the instrument of their choice, how it sounds, the best posture for ease and comfort in handling this new addition to their lives as they embark on their musical exploration.

In most cases, the first lessons in music, as in any creative art, leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Our teachers deeply appreciate the role they can play in making this an enjoyable learning experience for every student since each lesson is one-on-one and is especially tailored to meet his/her needs and level.

Every six months, our students perform on stage to their proud families and other guest at our in-house auditorium. Besides the emotions and memories these recitals evoke, they are a central part of the Music Chamber education process. They learn how to step on stage with confidence, sharing their music pieces with the audience, listening to others and practicing a bit harder to perfect their music.