Advanced Courses

As a top scorer of Distinction in the globally recognized ABRSM exams, the Music Chamber is a magnet for talent, not only in Dubai, but from neighboring cities, looking for a center where they can continue their musical education under the right supervision and guidance.

In fact, the Music Chamber has one of the largest per capita concentration of advanced students in the country, many of them have started their musical journey with us several years ago.

Our teachers make sure help their students avoid surprises as they walk them through each stage with expert advice on the academic and technical levels, plus continuous encouragement.

We are proud to say that some of these students are now considering a career in teaching music, thanks to the inspiration they have found from their teachers.

Our 14-member academic team are working with a growing number of students preparing for advanced studies and international competitions.

Each lesson is carefully planned to cover the various stages of the preparations for both practical and theory levels.

This include revising and agreeing on the material, undergoing joint research and offering solutions.