Why The Music Chamber" is the best in the Middle East.

The Music Chamber is a leading music center that has been serving music students and professionals since 2003. Its 16-studio academy offers quality tutoring on several instruments, while the showroom houses the region’s largest variety of musical instruments, accessories and books at competitive prices.​

More than 500 students from around 50 nationalities have made the Dubai-based Music Chamber their second home. It is where they explore life from a different perspective, learn how to play piano, violin, cello, guitar or percussion and share through performances at our regular cultural activities in the universal language of music.

Lessons by our 14-member international teaching staff are given on a one-to-one basis and in groups for ensembles, theory and aural training, guitar and percussion. Our music classes are at par with top international standards and are recognized by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in London.​

Our students are among the highest scores of Distinction at the ABRSM exams conducted at the Music Chamber premises. Their progress is monitored on a regular basis through academic reports and pre-hearing orientation sessions.

Rawhi Abeidoh, Director and Founder of The Music Chamber

Rawhi Abeidoh strives to offer quality musical education at reasonable price and by the best music tutors available in Dubai.

A frequent international traveler during his “former life” as a writer and journalist, Rawhi Abeidoh has always felt that there is a big gap for quality teaching, instruments and music literature that needed to be filled.

Our philosophy is simple: We offer diversity, quality tutoring, rigidly tested instruments at a fixed reasonable price. Development and research is one of our strongest points.



  • Ms. Isheeta

    Ms. Isheeta

    Found this hidden gem tucked away in Time Square Center. What a lovely surprise!! I didnt even know they existed. Right at Sheikh Zayed Road so easily accessible, but theyre also great in that they fixed my violin string in 5 minutes flat. Expertise, accessibility, and great friendly customer service. Thank you so MUCH for your speedy service and help. Definitely recommended for all music aficionados!!

  • Cheryl Shaw

    Cheryl Shaw

    Vernon's Mother

    Thank you for everything that you have done to help mold Vernon into a great musician he has become. It has been a wonderful journey to be growing and maturing along with The Music Chamber and we will most certainly miss you all very much! Good bye & God bless you all!

  • Paul Gebara

    Paul Gebara

    The Music Chamber - Dubai - what can we say? Well - wow. Truly an amazing school and centre, it was our 2nd home for over 3 years, and where our 3 children excelled in. The teachers are superb and they went way beyond what was required of them to ensure that they taught our children the passion and the love for music, and that music bridges the gap of the different cultures and background that exist both in Dubai and the World. Since moving back home to the UK last year, with Music being a key subject in the school calendar, what has been taught by the teachers and achieved by our children, has given them amazing grounding and put them in excellent stance to continue to reach new levels and learn new instruments. All our children are in the school and regional orchestra, string, and choir. Thank you MC for all your support and dedication to our children. You will always and forever be a part of the Gebara family.

  • Bashar Abou Alfadel

    Bashar Abou Alfadel

    Over eight years of searching in UAE for music academy I only found the music chamber who really have professional management and academic qualified teachers since my daughter join their academy she improved a lot and her ABRSM exam results it has been change from pass to distinction and as parents we really ingoing our time on shopping from their music library and the music instruments store and meeting a professional musicians and professional instruments maker from over the world as they visiting the music chamber when they are in Dubai thanks for Mr. Rawhi A Abeidoh managing director and his team

  • Fabrice Deniau

    Fabrice Deniau

    Emirates Community Orchestra Manager

    I have been taking violin lessons for 2 years. The violin teachers of the MC are proficient in english and have an outstanding level. I like the flexibility of the scheduling as I have a random planning. Moreover the MC facilitates orchestra workshop shop. The shop part offers a large range of choice. The largest in Dubai regarding the violin family. Overall, the employees are very professional .